What Our Happy Collectors Say

Johnny Morris, owner of Bass Pro Shops


Dear Raymond & Aimee,

We are very grateful to you and have included some coverage of interest.

Thank you and have a very happy Holidays!

Johnny Morris

Dr. Dale and Lynn Johnson

“It’s your move” donning the cabin home of Dr. Dale and Lynn Johnson


Dear Raymond,

The Return of White Buffalo has arrived. The sculpture is breathtakingly beautiful. The photos don’t do it justice. We’re thrilled.

Your artistic talent is beyond words. We can’t thank you enough!


Cathy Leach

It arrived today.

The attention to detail is magnificent! My husband and I feel so fortunate to have it in our home.

Thank you,
Cathy Leach


Hi Raymond,

Thank you so much for coming to TULSA for the dedication of your heron statue; it was good to see you again.

Here is the photo of the small version in my home, as you requested. Feel free to use it any way you wish. I’ll also send a photo of you with the statue.

I’m glad the dedication was last week… we’ve had severe storms, with much rain an many tornadoes this week. In fact, the river is higher this week; it may be at the base of the heron by now, though I don’t think it will hurt it any.

The news did a live story about the flooding from your statue this morning!

All the best to you to you this year and I’ll look forward to seeing what new works you have at next year’s show.


Paul Pratt jr.

Hi Raymond,

Absolutely love the bronze!!!! Fantastic work just beautiful!!!

Thank you
Paul Pratt jr.

“The desire and power to create is our divine heritage.”